Selasa, 10 Juli 2012


Although the divorce the couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes started with a hot dispute, but their feud has ended peacefully. An agreement has been agreed for a better life in the future.

However, as reported by Digital Spy, Tom must be tolerant release his daughter, Suri Cruise, Katie cared for. Nevertheless, Tom was quite satisfied that given the opportunity to keep in touch with Suri.

But regardless of the custody issue, the couple have agreed to share responsibility for the boy was 6 years old. Tom is aware that Suri is more appropriate foster care in the hands of his mother.

"They both loved their children, and Tom thought it would be better if he stayed with his mother," said one source in People.

Katie's divorce lawsuit on Friday (29/7) and then through New York's high court. See the relationship between the two that always seem to get along, divorce is obviously shocking the public.

katie holmes and suri cruise 

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