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My husband and I originally could not decide between the Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller, Blue/Gray and the Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller, Green Sport. We loved the extra features of the Elite (e.g. higher weight limit, better tires suited for more varied terrain, and the handbrake), but read several reviews from people who felt that the Elite was sometimes just a little too big to comfortably navigate certain spaces. Yet while the Mini had the size advantage and was more lightweight, we just didn't find it to maneuver quite as smoothly as the Elite. Happily, the City Mini GT was announced before we made our decision, as this stroller combines most of the advantages we liked about each stroller into a single one. Here is a brief rundown of how the City Mini GT compares on some of the things that mattered to us: WEIGHT LIMIT City Elite (CE): 75 lbs City Mini (CM): 50 lbs City Mini GT (CMGT): 65 lbs STROLLER WEIGHT CE: 26.2 lbs - This one was a little heavy to me CM: 16.8 lbs - So light! CMGT: 20.9 lbs - Definitely a noticeable difference over the Mini, but I can still lift it comfortably WHEELS CE: 12" 'Forever-air' tires - A dream to push, suited for all-terrain CM: 8" EVA wheels - Okay, but not nearly as smooth to me as the other two and not meant for all-terrain CMGT: 8.5" 'Forever-air' tires - Much closer to the smoothness of the City Elite, suited for all-terrain SIZE (L X W X H) CE: 47x26.5x33-46 CM: 39.5x24x41.5 CMGT: 44x24.5x30-43.5 - This stroller looks and feels longer than the Mini, but not quite as hulking as the Elite. I'm happy with this as a middle ground. MAXIMUM HEAD HEIGHT: CE: 26" CM: 23" CMGT: 26" BRAKE SYSTEM CE: Handbrake on the side - Much easier to me than the footbrake CM: Footbrake on the back of the stroller CMGT: Handbrake on the side OTHER NOTES CE: Good padding, good magnetic closures on the peek-a-boo windows and vents CM: So-so padding, velcro closures CMGT: Good padding, velcro closures on windows/vents (the one thing I don't like!), adjustable handlebar, redesign of storage basket with the deeper U-Bar makes it easier to access the space (though this may be on all models) FINAL THOUGHTS In the end, you have to decide which features are most important to you. If space or cost are the biggest factors, the Mini may still be your best option. However, if you are stuck between the two ends of the spectrum for reasons similar to mine, I highly recommend the GT over both of the other models. I really like the City line of strollers, especially given how easy mine was to assemble (unfold, attach tires and canopy, DONE!), and how solid it is. I also love the quick-fold feature that is on all of the strollers. Hope this helps you make your decision! JULY 2012 UPDATE: After using the stroller for a few months, I experienced the same front wheel locking issue that others have reported. The mechanism that holds the lock down (in the OFF position) stopped working, so the front wheel would lock at random. I called Baby Jogger and they were able to ship a new wheel to me overnight, which I appreciate. However, I have downgraded my review by one star based on this problem. I will update this review again in a few months to report back on whether or not the replacement wheel holds up. NOVEMBER 2012 UPDATE: No problems with the replacement wheel I received over the summer and I still find it GREAT on all kinds of terrain, but I am disappointed by another aspect of the stroller design. While it is so easy to fold, I sometimes find it a little cumbersome when trying to open it. Here's the problem: First, the best way to hold the stroller to unfold it isn't immediately apparent to most of my family members. Some of them put it on its side to try and pry it apart, while most others put it upside down (with handlebar and wheels facing up, and the curved plastic joint on the ground). The latter position would make it really easy to open because you would have a free hand to unfasten the loose clip that holds both pieces together, but this means that the plastic joint (where the City Mini GT logo is on the sides of the stroller) gets scuffed up very easily. It's even worse because this piece is so visible when the stroller is in use. Also, I have had some fabrics catch on the scuffs while I was putting my son in the seat. A sturdier material here -- why not rubber like the handle? -- would have negated this. With that being said, here is the best method I have found to open the stroller without scuffing it. Hold it by the 'Fold' seat handle with one hand. With the other, try to loosen the locking clip. Next, use your second hand to grab the handlebar and pull away from the seat. Most of the time, this gets the stroller to open easily, though sometimes the locking clip engages again (which is avoided when turning the whole thing upside down). 15 Comments | Was this review helpful to you? 32 of 32 people found the following review helpful 4.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Stroller for an active family - UPDATED 8/2012 March 28, 2012 By DesignMama Color Name:Shadow/Bamboo| Size Name:One Size|Amazon Verified Purchase This is my third baby and probably my 6th stroller, but I think I love this one the most. I needed a stroller that would keep up with my active family. My boys are in t-ball and we have vacations planned for the beach, DC and Disney World so I wanted a stroller that would be great on all kinds of surfaces... grass, gravel, sand, sidewalks, etc. I almost got the original City Mini, but when I saw the GT model was going to be released I waited b/c it had everything I wanted in a stroller, mainly the all-terrain wheels. It was worth the wait. The stroller is a dream to push. It glides. The adjustable handle is great b/c my husband is 6 foot 4. The basket in the GT is much easier to access than the original City Mini and I like that it locks when it closes. The visor is so big - it's wonderful. It provides a ton of coverage so she will be well protected from the sun. And the seat is very plush and comfy. My 6 1/2 month old daughter loves the stroller. The seat is also very large and can even accommodate my 4 year old who is 40 pounds and 43 inches. This is a stroller that will last a long time because it will be comfortable for older toddlers as well. The fold is so easy. It's the one thing that sets the Baby Joggers apart from the others. I can literally hold my daughter in one hand and fold and pick up the stroller with the other. The fold is compact too for a stroller of it's size. It will easily fit in any trunk. The only cons would be that the GT model is a little heavier than the original and that the color selection could be better. I would have loved to see this with a purple trim. But, the Bamboo Yellow is nice and different. This stroller was worth the price tag. It's well made, will last a long time, and can pretty much accommodate any situation you need. UPDATED August 2012 - We've used this stroller for a few months now. I still like it, but there are a few things I'm disappointed in. 1) I too had the wheel lock issue, but customer service sent me a new one right away. 2) Because the insides are exposed when folded, the black plastic wears VERY easily and that bugs me. The black plastic on the rounded parts that fold and on the part where the wheel attaches all have scuffs, scraps and dents. And that is just from putting it in my van or resting it on the ground to open it. We haven't used it really heavily yet and I was expecting it to wear better for a $350 stroller. Baby Jogger should do something to protect this area so it's A) not rough on little fingers and B) wears better so it stays looking nice. I shouldn't have to put a blanket or towel around my stroller in the back of my van to prevent it from getting scuffed up. I've had MANY strollers and never had this problem before. 3) The fabric marks easily. I have two spots that I have no idea what happened to cause them. I wiped it down several times and they are still there. My daughter doesn't eat in the stroller yet so it's not from food. My guess is rubbing against another hard surface when stored. Again - you think at this price point you'd be dealing with something that can take a beating but I have to be very delicate and cautious with the stroller to keep it nice. 4) The wheels do give a smoother ride than plastic, but they don't fair any better in grass, gravel or sand than a regular stroller. This is one of the main reasons I got this stroller vs the regular City Mini... the all-terrain wheels. While I still like the stroller, I don't love it as much. I probably could have gotten away with the 2011 City Mini and saved myself $200. Also, I was able to turn it into a 3 point harness. There are loops in the back of the seat in the corners. I attached the shoulder hooks to them and I have a working 3pt harness. This allows my daughter to sit up and hold onto the try to look out the stroller